The Porcelain Art Studio is located at 111 S. Center Street located in the historic district of Plainfield, Indiana. I specialize in teaching the art of porcelain painting to adults and children. Porcelain painting most closely resembles watercolor but requires firing in a kiln and multiple layers of color to achieve a permanent and realistic look that we strive to achieve. CLASSES ARE FORMING FOR ADULTS AND CHILDREN. CLASSES ARE FILLING FAST. Groups can be scheduled. Class tuition is $10.00 a class for 2 hours once a week. Extra classes can be scheduled. Tuition is due monthly. It includes the firing of the piece. As a new student, you can use all the studio's supplies for the first month. After that time, you will decide whether or not to continue. For more information, please contact: Molly Hammond 317-965-3371
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